Welcome to Crio - your destination to build real-world products and learn tech hands-on!

Crio is a special place. This is a home for developers. This is where you learn to build products. This is where you take your first steps towards becoming an accomplished product developer

Crio has taken an unconventional approach: learn to build products by actually building them.

That’s it. It is that simple.

No videos.

No tutorials.

Just get your hands dirty and start building.

Learn by doing!

We have created a revolutionary learning curriculum around this - something you won’t find anywhere else.

Leading tech companies - like Flipkart, Visa, Rakuten, Reliance Jio, and many others already trust Crio for their learning needs. The cream of Indian graduates who join these companies go through Crio learning programs as part of their onboarding process.

But we want to take Crio further. We want to nurture the next generation of developers who will go on to create the best products of tomorrow.

Crio’s founding team comes from some of the top tech companies in the world: Google, Flipkart, D.E. Shaw and Cisco. We have built and scaled products that are used by millions of people across the globe. With our insights and passion for learning, we hope to take all of you on an exciting journey to become the most sought-after developers of the future.

So, if you are a do-er and want to build tomorrow’s world, you have come to the right place to start your journey!

We are eager to see what you will create. Welcome to the Crio family.